Smoke them like KOOL Filter KINGS!

…counting down when Nick started… 10 years ago Nick picked up a nasty little booger of a habit SMOKING nick shakes head. Nick grew up watching several people who where dear to his heart smoke like it was no big deal. Lets have a pack of cigarettes and slowly kill ourselves KILL ourselves this crap actually speeds the process up. Nick in his young stubborn age had absolutely not a single care in the world about what was going to happen 10 years from 19 years old. So Nick continued to smoke his life away. The 5 foot wonder would constantly nag ” when are you quitting?” Geez-lou-freaking-weez Nick takes out duct tape and duct tapes not only her mouth but entire head… Then Nick snaps back in reality and says “reeeeelax little one.” DANG its only been 3 weeks and NICK IS STILL LOSING HIS EFFING MIND! ! ! Nick will NOT smoke ! by the grace of the lord and reading the entire book of Matthew maybe 7 or 8 times. Victoria is Nick’s flesh reason why Nick will not smoke as her father Nick MUST lead by example. (turns off the third person) Smoking was one of my favorite habits/hobbies and I have now replaced it with gazing at my beautiful most amazing girl in the entire world Victoria my mini polar bear. Nothing to date has given me the joy that she puts into my body. Simply typing this makes my eyes tear. This is only the beginning she is only 6 months my Victoria has an entire life ahead of her. This will be the most amazing ride of my life and i seriously can not wait.

Back to smoking so pretty much I quit and that’s it i don’t need my sweet addiction anymore hahahaha. I have a family now beat that! ca ca ca ca ca COMbo breaker! I love my 5 foot wonder and my pet polar bear cub bad thing is we fed the cub so she will be around for awhile:) Me kicking the habit will keep me here for a little longer also. Thanks for everyone NOT being supportive and smoking around me hope you guys fall off into a volcano and burn in the hot lava.