For some reason this is taking me sometime to figure out? Perhaps the reason could be how extremely boring and non-fun I am. Or maybe its because I am bitter and an angry person? Whatever you guys are TRASH DUDE! Check in from time to time…

  • New father of a BEAUTIFUL little girl V
  • Old husband with same old boring news…to 5 foot wonder
  • World renowned impersonator/roaster of people!
  • Master troller
  • Former property destroyer (graffiti stuff)
  • Writing on things makes me H A P P Y !
  • I really cant stand people who LIE! makes me crazy
  • Involved in an extremely dysfunctional family.
  • LOVEs fishing
  • Fat and nasty U.S Marine…
  • Supports The US and its current president…takes a lot to say that but SOLUTIONS people not problems!
  • No formal training in writing
  • enjoys a stiff drink from time to time.
  • has the most random thoughts and everything i think makes perfect sense.

5 thoughts on “NickKills

  1. For the record, you’re not boring. And I suppose Little Vizzle will be your first bullet point from here on out. Yeah, yeah.

  2. I haven’t seen robot blogs, just people that are working very hard. Hey guy don’t forget you’re doing a proliferate job. Keep on, you are doing it in right way. Wish you good luck and success! See ya!

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